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Laser Engraving

Add your own image, name, or logo to personalize your next gift. 

K&M 408 (2).png


Contact us to add a personalized engraving to your next gift or to an item for yourself. 

Add your company logo, a name, an image, or whatever you'd like to any of our boards in our store or to an item of your own. 

Leave it with us, and we'll take care of the rest! 

Our Process 

You can choose a font from our font list on the right, or select a font of your own. If you want an image or logo, just send us the file as an SVG. We'll then send a proof of how your engraving will look for approval, and once approved, we are ready to engrave! 

Font List.png


We've engraved various stainless steel bottles and thermoses, solid wood cutting and serving boards, wedding card boxes, coasters, and even this hatchet handle you see on the left.

Adding these engravings are a beautiful and thoughtful way to personalize an item and make it unforgettable. 

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